Custom cabinets can make your house a home. Custom cabinetry and carpentry solutions like window boxes, or new handrails and additional stairs, can really add a personal touch to your living space. But how do you find the time to design, build, and maintain these additions? It’s simple – you don’t. You call your local RST Technical and let us handle that for you. Professional home carpentry services from RST Technical can help you add shelves, stairs, rails, and more to your home. Whatever you need, RST Technical will help. Call us today to request professional handyman service.


Custom cabinetry can help you organize your home with ease. A custom shelving solution in your garage, attic or your living room can change the way you live. Have RST Technical help you start down the path towards total organization with our carpentry services. Organization isn’t the only use for custom carpentry though. We can also put together custom handrails and stairs that improve the safety of your home. For seniors, this can be a life-changing (even life-saving) project. We can improve the safety of a home with a custom carpentry project that is designed just for you. Call your RST Technical today to see how our residential carpentry services can help you!