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Customer Feedback

“I just would like to say thank you to your engineer , who has helped us out with a water blockage in our house.It was a pleasure to see him analyse the problem and to carefully check out why things were not working. Brain instead of muscles I would say. The previous plumber was just about to take half of our house apart to get to a so-called blockage in the piping system, while the culprit was a dislodged washer in the kitchen tap. As we all know, a company is only as good as its employees. This employee has done you proud and we will certainly use you in the future, for boiler services and other plumbing jobs. Thanks again.”

Sarah Kelt , Dubai Marina, October 26



With Many Sucessful jobs completed annually RST Technical can rightfully claim to be Dubai ’s leading service provider. staffed with highly experiences people who gaves you guruatee for immediately identifying and solution to any problem. By virtue of our size and efficiency we can provide an unparalleled response time and quality service anywhere in Dubai

As a family run business we pride ourselves on personal service and every job is important with 70-80% of our work coming from returning customers. Our reputation has been built on trust. We’ve worked hard, to build this trust with our customers by consistently providing second to none customer service and offering exceptional quality workmanship.

we must say that this is our customer’s trust that makes us to grow so rapidly and makes us provide them efficient services,

We must thanks to them for trusting and helping us to grow business

Services (Plumbing)

We offer

Coupling (piping)
Double-walled pipe
Elbow (piping)
Heat pipe
Nipple (plumbing)
Passive fire protection
Pipe cap
Pipe fitting
Piping and plumbing fittings
Plastic pipework
Plumbing & Drainage Institute
Street elbow
Trap (plumbing)
Trap primer
Union (plumbing)
Water pipe

Our reputation and customer satisfaction is important to us. Please contact us if you are dissatisfied in any way and your concern will be dealt with immediately.


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